Odescalchi Studio Legale Milano
Odescalchi Studio Legale Milano
“We are a solution-oriented Firm: solving problems is our mission.”
Odescalchi Studio Legale Milano

The Firm originated in October 2012 as an independent boutique specialised in industrial, environmental, corporate and commercial law.


Our goal is to provide Clients with high quality service and timely, customised assistance, proposing efficient, commercially viable, ad hoc  solutions, at affordable prices.

Our Clients are our partners. We help them to achieve their objectives. Our Client base includes some of the most prominent Italian and international companies, market leaders in their respective sectors, as well as small and medium enterprises and individuals, who choose us for our “family approach” and flexibility.

Our main purpose is to meet our Clients’ expectations, understanding their requirements and identifying their needs. We like to think of ourselves as craftsmen, able to provide a “tailored” service which takes into account not only the economic and legal aspects of an issue, but also the business style of our Clients and the characteristics of the project they wish to realize.

Our motto “Solve et Procede” (en. tr. “Solve and Move Forward”) expresses our ability to address the issues that are submitted to us proactively and efficiently. The problems of our Clients are our problems, and this passion allows us to work long hours.

At a time when legal services tend to be standardised, our Firm follows an opposite trend. We listen to our Clients understanding their exigencies. We are always available and promptly reply. Clients can always rely upon us: we are a safe harbor in companies and people’s everyday’s life.

Our Clients operate in the following industry sectors:

  • fashion and luxury goods
  • telecommunications
  • arts and music
  • information technology
  • biomedicine
  • manufacturing industry
  • automotive
  • energy
  • utilities and environment
Odescalchi Studio Legale Milano